The return of Katy Perry and other new jams hit the airwaves this week!

Since she joined American Idol as a judge last year, Katy Perry hasn't done much musically, in fact her last full album was released back in 2017. The single and videos for "Never Really Over" dropped on Friday.

Lizzo is a rapper who originally released the single "Truth Hurts" back in 2017, and it's just now hitting the pop charts. It makes it's debut, Wednesday on Z-107.3

The Chainsmokers sure do love to collaborate with other artists, last time around it was 5 Seconds of Summer for the hit "Who Do You Love", this time they have hooked up with Bebe Rexha for "Call You Mine"

Speaking of 5 Seconds of Summer, they follow up their Chainsmokers single with "Easier"

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