The Nation's favorite game night went without a hitch with a good game and a decent halftime show but the true star was the funny commercials.  Here are the best of the best of this year's Super Bowl commercials.


Hyundai's Sonata Smart Park Commercial

I don't know about your Super Bowl party but mine started the evening talking about this commercial before the year's commercials even started being played.  And then once it was playing, you had to go back and play it again because people couldn't help yelling parts of the commercial while it was playing.  So clever, great group of stars in this commercial and Big Papi "knocked it out of the pahk".  Way to bring the Pats fans to the party, Hyundai.


Jason Momoa's Rocket Mortgage Quicken Loans Commercial

Here was the surprise of the Superbowl commercials.  No one saw this one coming.  In the beginning the jealous boys are making fun of the height difference Jason has when he takes his big boots off but the jokes on them once the rest of the commercial unfolds and the joke of the commercial is on Jason, and he's all in!  This commercial reflects Jason's fun and down-to-earth personality where he's fine with making fun of himself, if it's fun and funny.

Posty With the Mosty for Bud Light

It's a simple schtick- Post Malone is being controlled by scientists with face tattoos, making him select between the classic Bud Light or a Bud Seltzer at a convenience store.  In the end he is rich enough to buy both but not before completely destroying the inside of the convenience store.  Again, being able to find the humor in a commercial you star in by poking fun at yourself is the winning combo.

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