Great news! The 2021 Bangor Zombie Walk is happening, but sadly, the Brewer Witch Walk is a no-go.

Wednesday, after the news spread that the Zombie Walk has been canceled, we learned later in the day yesterday, that it had been saved at the last minute. Unfortunately, we had already posted the story of the cancellation on our website and Facebook pages. We apologize for the confusion, but we are more than happy to get the word out today, that is 100% on for October 23!

Shane Grant, who is a local filmmaker, and a friend of The Z Morning Show, has taken over the event, and it will still take place on the Bangor Waterfront, next Saturday, October 23, at 2 pm. We appreciate him reaching out to us, and we will try to get him on the show next week to get you psyched up to participate in some ghoulish fun.

Everyone is encouraged to meet at the corner of Front Street/Railroad at 2, and the walk will begin at 2:30 pm.

They will have "terror-iffic: prize packages from local businesses for:

Best Couple
Best Splatter
Best Dressed

You can go to

These events bring out a ton of people who like to get dressed up and have fun. There have been some pretty awesome videos that have been captured over the last several years. And after sitting out 2020, it is once again time to get your freak on and hit the streets of Bangor, Saturday. October 23!

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