Winter can be an insufferable beast for many of us. It's an annoyance you put up with to enjoy the other three fantastic seasons Maine has to offer. Others fully embrace the winter, unafraid of the cold, snow, and ice.

Who loves winter and who hates it can often to be figured out simply by how warm you choose to keep your house during the wintry season. Redditor bdana666 asked Mainers how cold they keep their house in the winter, and the answers were quite astounding.

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66 Degrees Was the Average Temperature Mainers Like to Keep Their Homes

When you cut through the extreme highs and lows given by some of the commenters, the average temperature in Maine homes seems to be about 66 degrees. That's a daytime average, too, as the commenters make it clear they're willing to let their houses get even colder at night. The nighttime average was 61 degrees.


Why is 66 Degrees Ridiculous?

The answer is simple. When summertime rolls around, half of Maine's population would call 66 degrees a bust of a day. It's not warm enough to do a bunch of activities, and not cool enough to do a handful of others. The idea that we keep our homes that middling temperature for 4-5 months straight is ridiculous.


What About the Extremes?

The extremes tell two different stories of how some people in Maine live. On the high side of things, many in the state keep their house between 70-72 degrees throughout the winter. The commenters reasoning was poignant: "I don't want to be cold". Fair enough.

On the colder side of things, several commenters declared they keep their homes between 58-62 degrees at all times, day or not. Maybe they're just trying to save a few bucks, or perhaps they live in an igloo. That's a frigid way to live.


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