The indoor temps of a house have probably been a debate forever.

Probably since the dawn of time. I guarantee that there were cave men standing around, roasting their butts off, while their cave wives stood in the background complaining that it was too cold. I definitely understand that I'm gender-stereotyping here, but it usually holds true. Men are just right, women are too cold.

That's no to say it's never the other way around, but I know in my house, and literally every couple I know, there's always an ongoing debate about what is just right. In my house, we have an agreement that the thermostat stays on 65 degrees, but there's also the understanding that there should always be a fire going, or at least the heat pump to supplement the furnace. It's maddening trying to keep my wife warm.

This topic came up on social media, so I thought I'd share the overall arc of opinions.

The thing that jumped right out at me, was that there really did seem to be a constant battle between spouses about what an acceptable temp should be. Almost universally, there always seemed to be a five degree differential. Whatever one spouse wanted it on, the argument was that it should be five degrees in the opposite direction.

So let's take a peek and come up with the most compelling arguments I could find on Reddit. Maybe there's some ammo here that you missed that you could use to rev it up a notch with your significant other to make your case. I bid you good luck on  your quest, as this argument has never been really settled in the history of the world.

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