Ah yes, we've officially reached that time of year.

The first snow has arrived for many of us here in New England, and among the baggage that comes with our brutal winters, including piles of snow to shovel and frigid cars to defrost, comes everyone's worst enemy: ice.

Whether you're walking, driving, or simply trying to exist in peace, ice always finds a way of becoming an annoying presence in all of our lives. This writer's already slid on the roads twice (one time almost rear-ending someone), and it isn't even Christmas day yet.

But there is one perk that comes with ice: the videos that arise when people try to conquer it and inevitably slip, do an awkward dance as they try to regain their balance, then fall. Call it schadenfreude, if you will. As long as no one gets seriously hurt, and you're not the one on the ice, this can be amusing to watch.

A hilarious TikTok recently posted by @kennathom.com shows Boston College students trying to walk on a particularly icy stretch of sidewalk after the first snow of the season. Some of them try to grab the nearby railing, while other brave souls try to stick it out. Needless to say, almost all are unsuccessful and wipe out. Here's the video below (the background music from the Nutcracker makes the video even funnier).

Honestly, this funny footage is probably going to be yours truly soon, as she tries to salt her driveway without breaking one or more limbs.

So, moral of the story, safe out there, and always keep an eye out for ice, whether on foot or behind the wheel. Let's have a fun winter that's void of slip-ups, everyone (pun intended).

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