Word spread quickly when legendary downtown Bangor pizzeria, Tesoro's, went up for sale in October. Known for their delicious pizza, the restaurant was also notorious for not taking credit-card, as they had no card reading machine. Now the word it out that's its under new ownership and will open soon!

As we reported in the fall, Tesoro Pizzeria and Restaurant was put up for sale as a turn-key operation, complete with family pizza recipes! Well, that caught the attention of Mark Greenleaf, current owner of Bangor's Carolina's Sports & Spirits. He says he's always been a fan of Tesoro's. "We bought it because it’s a great location that was already set up as a restaurant. We’re keeping it Italian because there are not many options for Italian in Bangor, I’ve been cooking Italian for years, and Tesoro’s pizza is killer!"

Greenleaf says they have gutted the building and are currently remodeling the place. "... it’s gonna be really nice. We’ve added a bar, so if you want a more intimate dinner, that’s available. We’re gonna do lunch and dinner, we will deliver to downtown Bangor during lunch, and we will take credit cards." He told us he hopes to reopen some time this month, with their new menu. "The lunch menu will consist mainly of pizza, sandwiches, salads, soups, and basic pasta dishes. The dinner menu will have all the classic pasta dishes, as well as some seafood, steak, and specialty dishes. The dinner menu will be a bit more upscale, but still a good value. We will also have a nice wine list."

Keep your eye out here for an official opening date, as you know we'll pass that along as soon as we hear about it!

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