I LOVE THIS IDEA! And I wish it had been offered when I was in High School! Above regular "Home Economics" classes, which certainly taught me things, don't get me wrong, specific classes to help fill in the gaps of my practical knowledge would have been great! And that was the thought behind one Kentucky High School's choice to offer "Adulting Classes" to their Senior class.

The classes were taught by members of the local community, and spanned everything from doing your taxes, to how to properly change a tire (a skill I still don't possess, sadly!)

What do you think? Should local High Schools offer more elective courses in practical skills that would help students in their every day lives, once they graduate? And what classes would teens benefit from? Laundry? Dorm cooking? How to create a monthly budget? I may not use what I learned in Algebra on a daily basis, but knowing how to cook, clean and balance a checkbook--those skills are priceless!


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