A year later and we still haven't had our Grand Opening!

A year ago it was announced that Judy's Restaurant was up for sale, this was brought up in conversation on the Z Morning Show with the idea that maybe Todd and Kid could start a cool little restaurant all for the bros, called Brofé.

What would their eatery be like?  It would star some of the Z Morning Show's favorite foods and topics that could become food such as Kid's love affair with eggs and ketchup and Todd's irrational fear of snakes.  And, don't forget Todd's world famous salsa as the main edible attraction.

What's on the beverage menu?  Keep it simple.  Again, we showcase Todd and Kid's favorites: cheap beer and Mai Tai's.

But, what would make this spot the best in Bangor would be it's bro-style: fist bumps, dirty jokes, endless name calling and overplayed quotes.  It will be an atmosphere filled with the love for your bro expressed in over-the-top masculine fashion.

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