Just over a year ago, we posted a poll to ask folks to tell us if they prefer the shopping experience at Shaw’s or Hannaford. We received nearly 1,600 votes and lots of thoughts on their favorite.

It is a debate similar to I-Phone or Android. People like what they like. Where you do your grocery shopping is just as intense a topic of discussion.

By a pretty wide margin, Hannaford took the prize with 63% of the vote, with Shaw’s coming in a distant second with 29%.

"Mainers, Do You Prefer To Shop At Hannaford Or Shaw's?"

Hannaford Supermarkets
Shaw's Supermarkets

When we originally posted this on Facebook, we had a couple hundred comments on the choices, so we thought we would share some of them with you.

"Hannaford, Shaw’s is only good if you need only what’s on sale and then it’s usually same price as everywhere else not on sale, everything else is super overpriced. But that’s just my opinion and experience only."

"Hannaford.. I've been to Shaws twice and it was for alcohol"

"Shaws lighting is dim compared to Hanny"

"Hannaford because my husband is a meat cutter there so I’m biased"

"I like Shaws since they double coupons but I do prefer the meats at Hannafords
walmart. howeverrrrrr...for meat and produce hannaford always."

"Hannaford. Shaws feels like the walmart of grocery stores"

The main reason for bringing this subject up again, was a post on Reddit, that asked the very same question!

Here are some of those responses:

It's usually Hannys, Shaws, and Wal Mart. Certain items at each. Watch the flyers for the deals.

My ex wife Angela loves to grocery shop at Walgreens

This, shopping just one store and you're always stuck buying some things you want/need that that store charges more on to make up for running some things near cost to get in customers.

Hanny, but Shaws when Hanny is crowded.

Hannaford is the only option for me, unless I want to drive half an hour to Walmart.

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