Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Mess

Arguably, the biggest story to wrap up 2022 had to be the whole drama with Taylor Swift and the absolute dumpster fire buying tickets to her Eras Tour was with Ticketmaster. Since there were multiple pre-sales (between an exclusive Taylor Swift list and Capital One credit card holders), Ticketmaster botched huge.

But you already know that by now, because there's a chance you or someone you know were screwed out of getting tickets for her Gillette Stadium shows in May because there were no tickets left for a public on-sale.

Thankfully, our friends at the State Theatre in Portland are making up for Ticketmaster reeking of sucktitude on this one.

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Taylor Swift in Maine

Right now, the only link that Taylor has to Maine is all the way back from 2010, when she filmed parts of the music video for her song Mine in Kennebunkport. She returned to Maine to debut the video live on CMT (remember when TayTay was a country artist?)

Now, thanks to The State, we're getting another link between the 207 and The Tay. Because coming up on Friday, February 24 at The State, a Taylor Swift cover show is taking over Portland for the night.

Best Night Ever: Taylor's Version, will be taking over The State with "a dance party playing nothing but Taylor, all eras. Playing all the Taylor hits + deep cuts you know All Too Well + requests."

Tickets for the show are on-sale right now at on the State Theatre website (and honestly, based on the response after less than 24 hours of the announcement of the show, it looks pretty promising that they'll sell out.)

Big shout to The State for looking out for all the Maine Swifties who got screwed out of seeing our Queen live at Gillette -- this is the next best thing with a way easier commute! Plus, who knows, with how dope Taylor is with her fans, maybe she'll even make a surprise appearance!

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