A Maine man is going to prison after a burglary spree in Bangor that involved eight businesses.

Who Is the Suspect?

Clyde Cooper, 52, pleaded guilty to all counts of burglary, theft, and drug possession during his trial at the Penobscot County Judicial Center in Bangor. A judge sentenced him to five years in prison, with all but 2 1/2 years suspended. He will also serve two years probation and is ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution. That's a third of the value of the items he stole, but most of the damages were paid by insurance.

What Businesses Did He Steal From?

In March, Cooper was arrested for breaking into the Bangor YMCA. When police interviewed him, it was determined that he was responsible for a string of burglaries that investigators had been working on, including one at a pawn shop in which a firearm was stolen. According to the BDN, the businesses involved in the burglaries included Fairmount Market, Tri-Athlete Sports, Buy and Sell Shop, Herbal Tea and Tobacco, Timberland Herbal Connection, East Coast Gold, and two locations of the WeeBeez Deli and Market.

What Was Cooper's Defense?

Prosecutors say the man stole items that he could sell or trade in order to support his drug habit. Cooper's Defense Attorney Jeffrey Toothaker said in court that his client's crimes were motivated by homelessness and his drug addiction. He added that his client has been receiving treatment for his substance use disorder while in prison.

Cooper was known to law enforcement after he walked away from a work detail in 2016 while incarcerated for drug possession.

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