Thanks to the recent relief checks, you might get money from the Maine Unclaimed Property List you didn't even know was owed to you.

What is Unclaimed Property?

Have you ever checked the unclaimed property list? It's worth a look, because you never know. You might have some money there. Unclaimed property can be things like money left in bank accounts you haven't used in a long time, insurance premium payouts that couldn't find their way to you, unpaid refunds, and things you forgot about years ago. The money is just sitting there, waiting for you to pick it up. Currently, Maine is holding $303,462,851 in unclaimed property.

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Where Do I Go To Find Out If I Have Money Available?

Usually, you have to go to the State of Maine's Unclaimed Property List and search for any listings under your name. And you should still do that to see if there's anything there. But now, Maine Treasurer Henry Beck says the state will be sending out checks, even if the recipient hasn't gone to the website. In all, he says more than 50,000 residents will receive checks, ranging from $10 to $1,500, depending on what they have due.

How Are They Finding People to Send Out the Checks?

Beck says the Governor's recent inflation relief program is helping make the new process possible. According to WGME-TV, the Treasury Department has been able to match up residents' names, addresses, and other information from the relief program with items on the unclaimed property list. So now, many Mainers will be able to receive their unclaimed property without actually having to log onto the site. If your unclaimed property totals more than $1,500, (good for you!) you will have to fill out some additional paperwork. Beck's team will be reaching out to that group.

For now, check Maine's Unclaimed Property List to see if you might have money coming to you.

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