Attention, Target shoppers!

Last year, many businesses called off their trade-in programs due to the pandemic.  Target, however, continued it's trade-in program during the pandemic last year, taking in old child's car seats and booster seats for a discount on a future selection of car seat or booster seat.

It has been announced that the trade-in program will begin on April 5th and run until April 17th. Drop off your car seat and receive a 20% off coupon for your next car seat or booster seat.  The coupon can also go towards any kind of baby gear item.


Here are the steps, outlined by Target:

  • Guests must be enrolled in Target Circle to participate in the trade-in and receive a coupon.
  • Scan sheets will be placed on the drop-off boxes for guests to scan from their mobile device into their Circle.

They even mention if you have two seats to trade in, you can 'redeem this offer twice'.

Find more details of the event by visiting the special page about the event on Target's website.

Check out great tips on car seat safety from Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, which includes information on how to tell if your child's car seat has expired, recommendations for air travel with a booster seat, when to not use a second hand car seat or booster seat and what kind of car seat is appropriate for which children.

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