This month is National Baby Safety Month and when a few big box stores build incentives to trade-in that outgrown car seat for a new one.

Traditionally, Walmart and Target participate in this event at this time but, due to the COVID-19 pandemic your choices are limited as to where you can do your trade-in.

Last year, Walmart teamed up with Terracycling to offer a deal that was touted as the "biggest car seat recycling program every".  This year, however, we are still waiting on word on whether the program will be offered this year with several websites who follow the car seat trade-in programs still on-pause with Walmart's plans.

Target has already announced their trade-in program and have already started receiving trade-ins, with trade-ins being accepted until this Saturday, September 26th. Trading in your car seat with the Target program gives you a 20% coupon, through the Target Circle App, for another car seat, stroller or other "select baby gear".

You will need the Target app in order to get your trade-in discount.

Here are the steps, outlined by Target:

1. Bring an old car seat or base to a nearby Target and drop it in the designated box inside the store.

2. Open your Target App to scan the code on the box. Talk to a Team Member in Guest Services if you need help.

3. Open your Wallet in the Target App and view "Extra offers" to find your coupon + more contactless savings.

4. Click the green checkmark next to the offer and place your order online, or scan your barcode at the register.

For tips on car seat safety, including seeing if your car seat has expired and what kind of car seat you need for your growing child, check out tips from

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