Oh, Maine.  We love our alcohol.  So much so, even a study that you wouldn't think could include alcohol somehow Maine breaks the mold.

A survey done by INSIDER, in collaboration with Google News Labs, has shared what every U.S. state's most searched for frozen food is.

Frozen food... okay... like, frozen pizza... most searched in Alabama, Colorado, Conneticut, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts... and a bunch of other states.

While other states searched for frozen vegetables (California, District of Columbia, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, South Carolina, Virginia) or frozen fruit salads (Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, North Dakota, West Virginia, Tennessee), Maine had to be unique.

What is Maine searching for?

Strawberry Margaritas.

You my boo, Maine.

Even the article that published the results made a comment about Maine's most searched for, and thus most favorite, frozen food:

definitely expedite(s) mixing time — and maximize drinking time.

Only one other state mentioned something remotely alcoholic, and it's no coincidence that they are our neighbor right next door.  New Hampshire was listed as having the most frozen food searches for Margaritas.  I think we're a bad influence.

Other oddities on the list include Arizona's fondness for Pierogies, Montana's need for Hash Browns and Oregon's likeness for Pea Salad (yuck!)

But, Maine, you bring home the cake.  Good job.

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