In a list recently published by CNBC, Maine ranks 4th in the United States in states most in need of infrastructure work.

The information put forward from the CNBC uses information gathered from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Census Bureau and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Their findings shows the 'Most Crumbling States' of America:

  • Fifth worst: Alaska
  • Fourth worst: Maine
  • Third worst: Massachusetts
  • Second worst: Hawaii
  • The worst: Rhode Island

The findings in the list show states needing repair for bridges, roads and water systems. The report nods towards the disadvantages these states have due to the states of their infrastructure that could hinder business and jobs. Here are details on how Maine fared as one of the five worst states for infrastructure.

Maine Has A Failing Grade for Infrastructure, In General

Maine's 2019 Infrastructure score was 125 points out of 350. This led to an additional measurement to compare in a way that is all too familiar to us, a school grade. Maine received an F.  Let's give you a little perspective on that grade. Alaska, the fifth worst state for infrastructure received 128 out of 350 points and received a D-.

Maine Is Second Worst In the U.S. for Bridge Conditions

More than 13% of our bridges are in poor condition, only second to the worst state for bridge repair, Rhode Island. Even states that aren't connected to the continuous United States (Alaska at 9.7% bridges in poor condition and Hawaii at 6.9% poor condition) have bridges in better shape than Maine.

Our Roads Suck But Not Like the Other States on This List

Maine might be listed as one of the most crumbling states in the U.S. but looking at the top 5 Maine ranks the best for 'unacceptable road conditions'.  Maine has 13% roads with unacceptable conditions, which is far above the second best, Alaska, at 29%.  Compare these numbers to Rhode Island's percentage of roads with 'unacceptable road conditions' (btw, what's up with Rhode Island sucking so much on this list?!), at 51%.  We seem to be doing much better than others in this area- yikes!

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