More Stephen King will be streaming this summer.

Hulu is rolling out promotion on their next big Stephen King inspired series. Castle Rock is a fictional Maine town King has used in many of his books. It's the setting for this show, as well as the title. The 10 episode series is set in the Stephen King multiverse.

Deadline says the show is an homage to The King of horror. They say "themes, locations and even characters familiar from the King universe [are] making appearances" in the show.

There's definitely an IT reference with the spooky looking sewer tunnel at the beginning of the trailer. After, Andre Holland drops reference to Shawshank State Prison. We also noticed a scene in which Sissy Spacek is spooked by a dog in her bed. Reference to Gerald's Game? Maybe Cujo?

We'll find out when the J.J. Abrams produced show airs on Hulu this summer.

The trailer will air this Sunday during the Super Bowl.

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