As a Maine resident, what is it that you wish you had or had more of for your outdoor excursions? Parks?  Playgrounds?  Ball fields?  Trails?  Water access?

This is the question proposed to help develop a five year plan for the state to receive money for what you want to live your best life, Maine!

The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands wants to know what the Maine public want for outdoor recreation resources and where our priorities are for outdoor options.

The Bureau is asking people to fill out an online survey that will take a few minutes to inform recreation planning and funding priorities across the state  for our Maine communities.

To make your voice heard, visit and take the Maine SCORP Survey.

The results of this survey help Maine develop a 5 year plan to submit to the National Park Service to meet planning requirements for the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).  According to a press release, the LWCF has already put in $43 million into non-federal Maine projects from the Allagash to ball fields to town parks across Maine.  Ultimately, the plan serves as a vision for strengthening communities through outdoor recreation investments.

For more information about the survey, visit the State of Maine website.

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