Just go ahead and add it to your event calendar.

An event in Hampden is bringing the galaxy of Star Wars right here on earth. Check out this event coming our way Saturday, May 12th at Hampden Academy from 2 PM - 4 PM.

The event is super-Star Wars themed and will include visiting the different planets of the Star Wars galaxy, attending a Jedi training camp and making jewelry with the elements of the Star Wars universe.

Join us for Star Wars fun for all ages! Explore the galaxy to find what awaits on each planet: Hoth (dry ice experiments), Coruscant (tower building), Dagobah (swamp slime), Jakku (sand art), Mustafar (lava obstacle course), and Ahch To (rescue Porgs). Try the Jedi Training Camp, make a Kyber Crystal necklace, get a Star Wars tattoo or face painting, and enjoy some Star Wars-themed goodies at the concession stand.

The event will also include trivia, photo ops with various Star Wars characters, as well as raffles for kids and adults.

This awesome event is being put on to fund the Wagner Middle School's 7th grade Destination Imagination team, where all proceeds will go to the group.

Kids 3 - 17 are $5 each but those 2 and under are free.  Adults get in free but are asking for donations for admittance.

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