On March 2nd, Maine-based rapper Spose, will be performing at the Bangor Arts Exchange. No big secret there, at this point. But I noticed on his Facebook page, that he will be here in Bangor earlier that day to read from his new kid's book, 'Pinecone Pete Is Not Impressed'.

Things kick off that day at 4:00p.m., with Spose reading from his book. It will then move into a performance to get folks all warmed up for his show that evening at BAE. And of course, he will be signing copies of his book or CD's for folks. I imagine people will have all sort of questions about him getting in to the world of kid's books.

But you know, I've known Spose a long time from my days in southern Maine, and this is unexpected, I guess. But not surprising. For one thing, he's pretty much a big kid himself. And for another, he's one of the greatest marketing geniuses I've ever known. And it just shows that he's always looking for the new angle, or the latest way to satisfy his muse.

So pack up the kids, and head to Bull Moose out by the Mall in Bangor the weekend of March 2nd. I will personally guarantee you will have a good time. And if you don't, I will personally deny that I guaranteed anything!

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