Can you imagine running into the ocean in January? Well, in this case, it was for a great cause!

The 34th Annual Special Olympics Maine Lobster Dip, is a yearly tradition where hundreds of very brave people make the choice to run headfirst into the Atlantic Ocean, at Old Orchard Beach, during the normally bone crunching cold of January. Yesterday, however, due to our recent mini winter heatwave, it was a rainy and chilly 45 degrees, so that eases the pain of the icy cold waters, somewhat anyway!

After holding a virtual dip last year due to Covid-19, swimmers were back at it, live and in-person. They were sent in small groups every 15 minutes. The event was a huge success, raising more than $100,000. The Lobster Dip is a huge part of the funding for Special Olympics Maine throughout the year, so it was pretty cool to watch so many people participate. All you have to do is raise $100 to join the fun.

A guy by the name of Nicholas Bergeron, who calls himself "Mr. B" documented his sprint into the chilly ocean waters at OOB, yesterday. And you can see from the video, that everyone involved is having a blast, and the fact that it is for a fantastic cause makes it even better. It was a great way to kick off 2022!

If this isn't your type of thing, you can donate to Special Olympics Maine any time of the year, by clicking on the website to make a contribution

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