A story floating around social media yesterday delivered some big movie news of particular interest to people in Bangor.

The 2008 Will Farrell comedy "Step Brothers" would have a sequel and it would be filmed in Bangor. Guess what? While it would be awesome if that happened, it's just not true.

The post also revealed some plot details of the movie that ... again ... ISN'T happening ... at least in Bangor.

"The two step brothers have moved to Bangor, Maine where they live together and also work together at the same menial job. Dale finds out that he’s somehow impregnated his ‘girlfriend’ but when the young woman leaves the new baby with Dale and Brennan the two are left to raise the child themselves."

The post was all over social media on Wednesday. The big problem is that it comes from the site wky12.com. Its disclaimer reads, "wky12.com is a satirical website. Most articles on this website are works of fantasy or satire and are not true. This website is meant for entertainment purposes only."

Oh well. We just wanted to let you know so you didn't get too excited.

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