For almost as long as humans have been keeping records, messages found in bottles have been a thing. They have been featured in hit songs, movies and books for decades. But in the times we live, where everyone needs instantaneous responses, what are the chances are finding a message in a bottle for real? Apparently, it's not impossible because someone scouring Jasper Beach in Machiasport, Maine found one. And of course it was inside a bottle of Allen's Coffee Brandy.

Shared on Facebook by Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy, the note apparently was written from someone named Joe who was celebrating a birthday. Not much else was shared in terms of details, but one has to believe that the bottle was tossed into the ocean from someone else who lives in Maine.

Not quite the romantic note or prospective pen pal whomever found this little gem may have been expecting but it's still cool nonetheless. And honestly, would anyone in Maine want to find a message in a bottle if the bottle wasn't Allen's Coffee Brandy? Come on.

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