We've all heard the tall tale, find the end of the rainbow and you'll find a pot of gold waiting for you. That fictional tale is often used to describe people chasing after something they'll never find, because after all, rainbows are an optical illusion. Most of the time, we see rainbows from a great distance, but every so often something magical happens. And magic might be the best way to describe what was caught in a photo on Long Lake in Naples, Maine.

Reddit via gussiegirl2015
Reddit via gussiegirl2015

Shared on Reddit by gussiegirl2015, it appears that someone has finally found the end of one of these rainbows. The clarity of this particular rainbow is stunning and if you zoom in on the photo, you'll definitely see that the rainbow appears to come to an end right on top of the frozen lake. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear there's a pot of immeasurable riches waiting for someone to grab.

According to weather.com, you'll never find that pot of gold because the rainbow will never been close enough for you to reach the end. For instance, if you found a landmark with a rainbow seemingly coming out of it, the closer you attempted to get to the rainbow on foot, the farther away it would appear visually. It moves and as you move. Not only that, scientists believe no two people see the same rainbow unless caught in a photograph.

Which makes the photo from Long Lake a little bit more satisfying and perhaps metaphorical. If you're looking for the end of the rainbow after a long day, month or year, well, someone found it right here in Maine. Now, it's your turn.

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