Ayuh, jeesum bub!

Actually, this guy is not really a Maine lobsterman, he's a comedian/host/podcaster, named Teagan Wright, who has a YouTube Channel full of videos that showcase his wicked good sense of Maine humor.

When it comes to comedy based around our beloved state, it is always hit or miss with me. I have worked so hard to lose my Maine accent since I was a teenager, but that doesn't mean I don't like a good joke or two about the 207, especially if there is a ayuh, or yeesah in there for good measure.

In this video, Teagan plays a lobsterman who tries a variety of products that people associate with Maine. Check out this lineup! He samples Allen's Coffee Brandy, Chocolate needhams. the utterly disgusting, B&M canned brown bread, and of course, a whoopie pie. Quite a combo of treats there.

To be honest, I have only personally tried needhams and whoopie pies, and I absolutely love both, but I just can't bring myself to sample the other two. The idea of eating brown bread out of a can makes me want to hurl. And as for the coffee brandy, that doesn't sound much better. So, I guess that doesn't make a
me a true Mainer, but I did enjoy Teagan's video. He has a bunch of other great ones too, including animated features about the Maine Native "Pamola", God of Katahdin, a "Maine Christmas Story" and many others that are worth a look.

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