First up Sunday morning, very early Sunday morning is the annual Ice Fishing Derby. It begins at 5:30 a.m. with the awards ceremony wrapping things up at 3:30pm at Lake George Regional Park East.

Photos provided by Somerset SnowFest
Photos provided by Somerset SnowFest

The Snowfest runs through next weekend and all week long there is a scavenger hunt at Lakewood Golf Course.  When families are snowshoeing skiing or on a fat bike ride  through the trails be on the look out for items to check off on the Scavenger hunt list.

There are events each day throughout next week and next Saturday the 27th at Lake George Regional Park West is the Kids Box Sled Race. They promise the hill will be bigger and better this year to insure great fun. The event goes from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

New at the Snow Fest this year, a Kite Flying Derby, Sunday the 28th from Noon until 4 p.m. Grab your kite and get out onto the lake. Fingers crossed it’ll be ideal wind for this family fun.

All the events are listed here.

Justin Spencer the Park Resource Manager for Lake George Regional Park said “We're looking forward to a great community day with all that's going on in our crazy world, we need to have some fun. Somerset SnowFest is the coolest thing you can do this winter. If you cant be here to enjoy the fun, we will have our weekend events on Facebook Live."  Here's the Facebook link to their page.

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