Bring out the candles and honor the longest night of the year! The Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor will be hosting a winter solstice event this weekend, Saturday from 6:30 PM - 8 PM.

The event will use song and stories to honor the day when we in the northern hemisphere experience the shortest amount of daylight and longest night of the year.  Ultimately, it is a celebration of the return of the light.

According to the event page on Facebook will feature stories from books:

The Winter Solstice Singers bring you a Celebration of Darkness and the Light with songs and stories based on "A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual" by Julie Forest Middleton and Stansa Morgan-Apple.

The concert is a free event but is also a fundraiser for Partners for Peace, formally Spruce Run- Womancare Alliance, who will be taking donations.

The Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor is located at 120 Park Street and Bangor.

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