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I have very fond memories of going to Mt. Hope Variety in Bangor, before and after school when I was a kid. It was the place to be and best of all, it was right down the street from my house.

There aren’t quite as many corner stores around these days, now it’s pretty much a Circle K, or an Irving every 500 feet. They are great and serve a purpose as well, but they will never compare to your neighborhood hang, back in the day

We have had almost 800 comments on this topic, and people got a little sentimental about a bygone era.

Check out the thread from our Facebook page, and enjoy all the great memories from people all over the State of Maine!

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Matty Haskell
Was at Fairmount Market yesterday getting a roast beef Italian. Been doing that for over 35 years.

Jade Grenier
Monson General - still standing, they got a face-lift in the last few years. Just miss the penny candy!!

Sean Murray
Third street market

Candace Hart
I would love to see a documentary on the Maine variety store phenomenon. Lots of people from away are shocked at the quality of our "italian subs" only gotten at a local variety store

Stacey Ellsworth
Court St on the corner of Ohio and Court not sure what it is called then. But as I kid I went there all the time. Back in the day you could pick up cigs and wine for your mom with a note! Lol! (WeeBeezs now)

Roger Blankenship
Back when it was just the "county road store" in Milford,I haven't been able to go in a long time. But I imagine it's still just as good if not better!

Penny Storey
The strawberry patch in Perry! It’s still there!

Avid Fisher
Mine was Roger's Market - Hudson.

Vanessa Crawford
Carrols IGA in Trenton!

Kryssi Marie
Carmel Video/Ye Ole General

Ruth Woodman York
Mine was Orland Market in downtown Orland lol. Now it's an apartment building. I loved going in there. The owner's wife had a dollhouse that was electrified and had lights. I loves looking at it.

Luke Turner
Fairmount Market, The Corner Store, Quik Pik

Alicia Coffin McPhail
Mt.Hope Variety when my parents owned it in the ’90s. Wonderful neighbors, old-timey country store. Sad to hear it’s no longer there. It sure lived through ALOT since being built in the ’30s! My father's dream. Gilbert Coffin Susan Wakem Coffin

Donna Hartin Smart
The former Reuben's Market in Milo. It started out as an ice cream stand so all the neighborhood kids loved it. Reuben made the best Italian sandwiches.

Lyndsay N Scott Mckenzie
Mount Hope variety was mine and really sad it’s no longer there

Wendy Westgate
Johnny's and Worthen's market in Guilford. They've both been gone for a long time.
Mountain's Market in Dover Foxcroft is also one of my childhood stores. It's still going strong as far as I know

Todd Pelton
Campbell’s Hermon!!! Corner country store levant

Jessica Lynne Burdin
Johnny's in Guilford. Used to go in there for my candy cigarettes and bottle caps.

Chris Lessner
anytime I'd go to the midcoast as a kid we'd stop at what we called the Belfast store right on Main Rd. across from Perry's Nut House. I think it's like a hardware store now if I'm not mistaken

Kerry Burgess
Hilltop Market, East Hampden
Long gone!

Star Sapphire
Fraternity Village in Searsmont.

Becki Burns • RE/MAX Collaborative ·
Six Mile Falls store with my grandparents. It’s listed for sale, I’d love for someone to buy it and resurrect it. (I could even represent the buyer pm me, let’s go see it!)

Nathan Kane
Clifton country store!

Cheryl Thayer Curry
Campbell's Store

Fred Ashmore
Village Store, Hancock Maine

Bill Titcomb
Quik Pik Foodland and The Nite Owl

Kelly Jean
G&M Variety and The Country Squire in Holden

Ashley Woods
Checkout in Glenburn!

Alicia Allan
Campbells’s in Hermon or Ye Ole General in Carmel

Shawn Bradford
Eastside... Garland st Market

Ashley Ahimsa Brown
Hancock grocery!

Colt Vicaire
Pj’s Mattawamkeag, Maine!

Jenn O'Clair
T & S Market

Corinna Cori Skall
Burr's Store in Costigan

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