The Queen has got a shop and we all expect to see some refined merchandise being sold through her online store.  I found a couple of goodies I couldn't help but share with you.  I'd give thorough explanations and comments but I'll keep it simple so you can take it all in without too much interruption.

Baseball bat panties, adult onesies and hot sauce... oh, my!!!

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    All Night T-Shirt


    I was looking up to see how much this t-shirt would cost me if I made it myself.  It was well under $35.

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    Hold Up Shorties


    What girl hasn't always wanted panties with a baseball bat graphic on them?

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    Conversational Tote


    At least it clarifies to the TSA what you got stashed.

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    I Ain't Sorry Onesie


    Babies don't need grammar!

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    Yonce Purple Adult Onesie


    Check out that collar!  You didn't notice it, did you.  It's understandable why.