She wasn't even here long enough to hit Dysart's.

Lots of rumors are floating around about Taylor Swift touching down briefly in the Queen City, and it turns out... it was true.

Taylor Swift attended the London premiere of Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé Nov 30, returning the favor after Bey made a special appearance at the Los Angeles premiere of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour back in October. When you fly back to the States, Bangor is the first major American airport encountered by airliners approaching from the east and the last for airliners heading toward Europe.

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As with all things related to Taylor, the fans are an intense bunch when it comes to the icon's travel. It turns out there is a Facebook page called "Taylor Swift's Jets." It seems to track her every movement of air travel across the globe.

As you can see from the three latest posts, Taylor apparently flew from London, with a layover at Bangor International Airport, around 10:30pm, then boogied on to Kansas City, landing at about 3:30 on the morning of Friday, Dec. 1.

Kansas City. Hmmm. Wonder why she'd go there.

Her boyfriend Travis Kelce, of course, just happens to play for the Kansas City Chiefs, who play the Green Bay Packers this weekend. It's a pretty safe bet that T-Swizz will be in the luxury box at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin on Sunday night.

So, even though she only touched down here in Bangor for a short time, I think I speak for everyone when I say, Taylor, you are welcome here anytime.

Come back, Taylor. I will take you to Dysart's for a "Trucker's Special" breakfast.

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