Come on! you know you are curious.

If anything can crush the momentum of the New England Patriots winning last week, it would be Taylor Swift pulling into town. After all, she was in Bangor a couple weeks ago, even if it was for a brief time.

The Kansas City Chiefs have lost two games in a row, odds are they won't lose three, since they are still a favorite to win the Super Bowl, but is important to note that they are 4-2, when Tay-Tay attends a game. Her boyfriend, Travis Kelce has 44 catches for 596 yards and two touchdowns when she is there. During those games, Kelce snags 13.8 yards per reception, so it sure isn't bothering him.

It all goes down this Sunday afternoon, at 1pm, at Gillette Stadium, when the Pats ride that red hot, 1-game winning streak back to Foxborough.

One thing you can be sure of, if she does show up, you can count on plenty of camera pans to whatever luxury box she is sitting in. And why not?

The hot romance between the two has created an interest in the NFL, from Swifties, who maybe didn't have any interest in football at all. Her appearances at NFL games has created a brand value of hundreds of millions of dollars, so it goes without saying that the powers that be are pretty happy when she shows up.

The European leg of her wildly successful "Eras Tour" is over, so she is back home here in the U.S. for the holidays, so it would make perfect sense that you will see her chugging beers, and eating hot dogs at the game this Sunday.

Only time will tell.

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