Maine's 77-year-old former governor and now Sen. Angus King contracted COVID-19 and announced his positive status on August 19. Now, a week and half later, his bought with COVID-19, though passed, was a rough one and is convinced getting the vaccine saved his life.

King, who was vaccinated earlier this year, spoke with the Associated Press on Sunday stating his break through COVID-19 case  "... was like the worst head cold you ever had, times two."  The AP is also reporting that Senator King had a transfusion at PenBay Medical Center during his illness to help him recover.

King is still resting but feeling much better now.

King was one of three senators to announce on August 19 their positive breakthrough COVID statuses. King's office sent out a press release that day of his efforts to avoid transmission for months during the pandemic. Despite his many efforts, which sound very similar to our own efforts of avoiding gatherings and doing Zoom meetings, he became feverish, got tested and found out his positive status. Also in the press release, he stated that he would quarantine and work on getting healthy.

Now, King is 11 days past his diagnosis date and is telling the world that he believes the vaccine saved his life. He also hopes that his story, despite getting the vaccine and still having a terrible case of COVID-19 in which an antibody transfusion could have been the turning point for his recovery, will urge those that haven't gotten the vaccine to get it.

King states: "There’s little doubt I would’ve been in the hospital in serious condition if I hadn’t been vaccinated."

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