At least most of us are.

Ever park in a parking lot, between the lines, and when you come back to try to get into your car, someone has parked so close to your driver's door, it's a pain to get your door open and get in. We don't want to ding our car door, or the other car either. And the whole thing reminds us that we're not as thin as we once were. The Covid 15 might actually be even more.

A guy on TikTok suggested we are all parking wrong. We should all park on the left white painted line instead of trying to guess where the middle of the spot is. If we all did it that way, we would all have the maximum amount of room to get into and out of our car.

Of course, this is hypothetical because it'll never happen. It might make sense but we'd never even agree on which line we should park on. Forget about the chaos it would cause for everyone to do this, uniformly, everywhere.

For the record, the photos were all taken within an hour or so of each other, all in the same rather small parking lot, and remember there is no movement underway to park on the line, instead of trying to hit the middle of a spot. But lots of people were doing it anyway.

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