Some of Portland's downtown parking spaces are being converted into "parks" again soon with Portland Downtown's PARK(ing) Day.

PARK(ing) Day is an event held worldwide in urban areas on the third Friday of September to call attention to the need for more urban open space. Portland Downtown has been one of the many participants on PARK(ing) Day where parking spaces are converted into little parks, places to display art, play a board game or just sit around and chat.

This year, PARK(ing) day will be held on September 17 and businesses can pick a parking spot and register it to turn into a park. You'll have to fill out a city permit and pay a $25 fee to register your space as well as share some information with Portland Downtown on what fun thing you plan to turn the space into, but then you're done! You have until September 10 to register your space.

Fewer cars parked on the street and more fun stuff for a day. If you want to learn more about Portland's PARK(ing) Day and host a space, hit the link below.

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