Maine's majestic winter beauty is comparable to no other place on earth.  It's bitter wind caresses your frostbitten face like a kiss from heaven.  The beauty of the falling snow fills me with solace and a quiet solitude that.... meh.

Good riddance.

Winter is behind us and I can finally stop writing about the great things about it because, frankly, I'm not a huge fan.  Which is why when I found this video I had to share in the sarcasm with a good ol' "adios winter".

I found this video on YouTube that shares in my "delight" of Maine winters and is tongue in and is definitely not a one that will attract the tourists.  A young man in the Portland area shows those looking for a beautiful winter destination all of the breathtaking views and exotic animals that Maine has to offer the curious view seekers worldwide.

My favorite stop is at the ice cream shop... which is closed for the season.

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