Days remain before the final episode of 'The Game of Thrones' and Cori and Sarah have been chatting, with obsessive anticipation, of how the whole series will end.

Here are the Z Ladies' final thoughts on the end of this epic series.

WARNING: Bizarre theories and probably some spoilers will be told.  Hang on!

Sarah's Thoughts on What's to Come for the Series Finale of 'The Game of Thrones'

This season has been a whirlwind to wrap up such an intricate story.  But, nonetheless, someone WILL take the thrown.  Is it Tyrion?  Is it Jon Snow?  Will it be Arya?  Sansa?  The Blacksmith Guy?  Will there be more than one to take the thrown?  Does the throne even exist now that Dani and that crazy-ass dragon set the whole city on fire in a fit of rage?

My thoughts have been, and have been for a while, that Arya will take the throne.  Maybe it's the punk rock chick in me, the youngest-of-the-family in me, that wants this to be how things end up..

I think the answer to who rules the land in the end lies in the written books' series name, titled "A Song of Ice and Fire".  Let's break it down:

The Song: What's another word for a song...?  An aria.  Boom!  That's her friggin' NAME: ARYA!

Ice:  Who represents ice in the series- the Night King... and who was a part of killing the Night King...?  ARYA.

Fire:  Who represents fire in the series? Daenerys.  She just sacked a city- ragefully, without any compassion for the innocent.  Who was in the city, on the streets, trying to survive Daenerys' rage, trying to save a mother and her innocent child? Arya.

In my theory, Arya will kill Daenerys because Arya can objectively see this is a woman unfit to take the iron throne (unlike Jon Snow) and she is capable of skillfully killing Daenerys due to her sword skills, hardened personality, and ability to switch faces (unlike Sansa or Tyrion).

Ultimately, she is the song of ice and fire, meaning she will kill both the Night King and Danyrus.  It is her story, her song, that leads us to who will take the Iron Throne.

Ugghhhh... my brain's going to explode.  I can't wait to see what happens!

Cori's Thoughts on What's to Come for the Series Finale of "The Game of Thrones"

Ok, so Sarah got me thinking...I love the Arya theory, as she's a favorite character of mine. And that's a good point: is there a throne left? Valid question after last week's destruction of the city! The logistics of putting someone on a throne that doesn't even's that work?!

I have so many thoughts! So many! But I will try to condense them down to just a few: what I think might happen and what I want to have happen!

I think the remaining Stark kids should rule in tandem. They have John, who shares the blood of both houses, and while he doesn't want it, could serve as a good tactical branch for their forces. You have the most lethal assassin and face-shifter in Arya, who would come in handy for rooting out the truth and dispatching any foes who might rise up. You have Sansa, who seems to have her self together, and could represent both brains and empathy for the commoners/victims, as she has been there and done that. And Bran, who now possesses all of the ESP skills of the Three-eye-raven, and could offer wise counsel to the others for how to deal with tricky situations, based on his knowledge of both the past and the future.

I've always thought of the Starks as like the Mainers of the Game of Thrones Series. They're tough, smart, stubborn and real. I think, just as the old motto says "As Maine goes, so goes the nation" could be attributed to the Stark family as well. They don't seem to have that strain of insanity that the Targaryen family has been struck with and  they're not super snotty, self-absorbed or murder-y, like the Lannister Family is.

Then there's also the possibility of a total outsider taking the throne. Someone like Brienne of Tarth. She'd be a noble ruler of character...unless of course her little tryst with Jaime Lannister left her with a little lion bun in the oven. And if that was the case, would Tyrion, in an attempt to keep that Lannister family lineage going (as he's the last one standing, and they're all about family) make a play to help get her there?

If they end the show predictably, John Snow, the hero, will be the one to rule them all, in my opinion. His decline to take his rightful place kind of led to all the carnage last week, so he should definitely have a hand in the clean-up. But George R.R. Martin has really created some strong female leads, all capable of leading on their own. And he seems to have no problem with the idea of a "she-ro"... So maybe it will be Sansa or Brienne?



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