Some kids in the Bangor area have a few more days of school left and the anticipation is palpable, am I right parents?

And I'm sure the feeling is mutual for all of the teachers and staff at the schools in the area, as well.

That's why I imagine this video could very well play out to any one of our area school's this week.  Check out the video of this high school receptionist celebrating the schools' final minutes with a song that every child can appreciate this time of year.

The receptionist announces, "It's 3:15.  It's official."

She then proceeds to swoon the school with the classic Etta James tune 'At Last' with slightly different lyrics.  I'm imagining children smiling in gitty joy and teachers sighing in relief.


We're nostalgic of those days, of weeks on end of uninterrupted freedom and lazy days and sunshine.  Here's to a great summer break for all those kiddos around Bangor and beyond!

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