Pictures of Foreigner's show at the Bangor Waterfront this past weekend have been swamping our Facebook feeds but how about this picture of the classic rock band at McLaughlin's Seafood on Thursday night.

Bridget Snow Olmstead via Facebook
Bridget Snow Olmstead via Facebook

Bridget Snow Olmstead said she ran into the band the night before the Bangor Waterfront show at this classic Bangor eatery.  She said, "Bruce, Mick & Michael! Super nice guys!"

She went on to say how the band gave her a "Happy Birthday" to her and her daughter:

"They were talking to our 9yr old about a picture she drew at dinner & about her love of singing. It was her bday 6/11 - so they told us both Happy Birthday. It was just really cool of them. We made sure to not pay them much attention during dinner though - let them enjoy their Maine seafood!"

She also went on to tell us rumors that after their concert this weekend, the band was seen at an after party in an apartment in Downtown Bangor.  If you have photos of this, we want to see them!!

If you didn't get to partake in the festivities at the Bangor waterfront this past weekend here is some video evidence that the show happened and that you should have been there.

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