There's a post from the Maine State Police that has been making the rounds again on social media, and honestly, it's a pretty important one. How many times have you been cruising down the highway, minding your own business, when someone comes screaming down an on-ramp and pretty much cuts you off trying to get on the highway?

Naturally, like any good Mainer, you lay right on the horn and show that chummy who's boss! But often, in return, you get that special look/hand gesture from the other driver, indicating that somehow you're the one being the jerk and not letting them on the highway.

So who's right, here?

Well, a few years back, the State Police posted this graphic on their Facebook page.

And in it, they lay it out pretty clearly, who is right and who is wrong in this particular situation. Sure, like they say, if there's room and it can be done safely, by all means move to the passing lane and make room for the other vehicle to merge. But sometimes traffic doesn't allow that luxury, and then it is the responsibility of the person merging to slow down or stop, and wait for a safe opportunity to  enter the flow of traffic.

Again, if we can all keep traffic flowing and let people on safely, please do! But why develop a nasty Ma**-hole complex and start just bullying your way into traffic? How many minutes will it set back your travel time, to simply follow the rules of the road, and wait your turn? Too often, folks are impatient and start these insane road rage incidents over something as simple as waiting til the appropriate time to get on the highway.

If we could all maybe leave five minutes earlier, or thicken up our skins a bit, or just choose not to be a traffic bully, driving might become more enjoyable for everyone on the road. And a bit safer too! Be careful out there!

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