The Concord Coach Lines terminal in Bangor was the setting for an incident that's raised questions about citizenship and Border Patrol agents' right to know.

The Facebook Live video was posted on May 28 by Alec Larson, as he boarded a bus outside the Bangor terminal. About 3 p.m. into the now-viral video, a Border Patrol agent approaches Larson and his companion and asks them if they're U.S.citizens. The pair refuse to answer the question and the agent walks away. Larson then asks an employee of CCL if citizenship is required in order to ride one of their buses. The man answers in the affirmative.

Concord Coach Lines executives heard about the video and issued a response on its Facebook page, stating that the employee was caught off guard by a question he wasn't prepared to answer and that he was mistaken in his response. It goes on to explain that citizenship is not required to ride the bus, and that the Border Patrol, DEA, and police are not working in partnership with the bus line when they show up for spot checks.

The ACLU of New Hampshire has released its own video, addressing the issue in Bangor, and giving advice about what to do in these types of situations.

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