Sometimes it's hard to the music out of the music video to imagine what real life is like sans music.

Here's a great video from Jono Howan on Youtube that shows how awkward a music video can be without the music but with real-life sound effects in place.

My favorite spot is the crowd of people dancing with JT with the camera focused on a kid dancing and JT cheering him on.  Without the music... the feeling has stopped.

Video still via Justin Timberlake via YouTube
Video still via Justin Timberlake via YouTube

Check out the music-less video in all it's awkward splendor:

Now, here's the video with the music:

It's funny to think about the making of these music videos and how the musicians need to psych themselves up to look like idiots in front of the crew.  But all that tom-foolery leads to an engaging and inspiring video in the end, you would hope.

Here's a behind the scenes video of JT's song 'Filthy', which features a robot in the video but modeled after JT's moves.  Here's wearing a special suit so that they can monitor his moves that will, in the end, animate the robot in the video.

Here you can get a sense of what it's like filming a video, check out Justin's face while he dances to see the absurdity he feels.

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