For many girls who grew up in the 80's, Punky Brewster was a staple; Young orphan with a heart of gold, and an independent streak who melts the walls of the cranky grown-ups around her, while teaming up for adventures with her dog and her best friend!

To this day, in homage to the girl who started the fashion of being a hot-mess before it was popular, I will often wear mismatched socks. And when my girls come downstairs in the morning, having picked out their own outfits, all spunky and full of sass, they remind me of her!

According to an article put out Tuesday by Entertainment Weekly's website, Punky may be making a comeback, in the form of a sequel of sorts, with original star Soleil Moon-Frye making an appearance as both an actor and producer on the project.  "NBCUniversal’s Universal Content Productions announced the development of a follow-up revival series for the Soleil Moon Frye-led show withSoleil Moon Frye."

The post went on to say Moon-Frye would play a single mom who, while raising her own kids, comes across one who reminds her of a young Punky! For whomever they pick to star as Punky.2, those will be some big mismatched socks to fill!  But I can see the potential for another generation of girls to learn life-lessons from a pint-size powerhouse, much like my generation did.

Apparently, the guys behind 'School of Rock' and 'Grounded For Life', Steve and Jim Armogida, will also be writing and producing the new series. No word yet on when the Punky reboot will be debuting, but you know we'll keep you posted!

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