Newscenter WCHS/WLBZ is reporting that there is a proposal that state lawmakers will be mulling over soon that would allow for pharmacists to prescribe and dispense free Epinephrine Autoinjectors, also known as epipens, to those who need them.

Democratic Senator Shana Bellows introduced the bill that would tackle the rising costs of the emergency medication needed for severe reaction such as anaphylaxis due to bee stings or food allergies.

The plan also includes a fund that will be started for pharmacists to give the epipens for free.

According to WCHS, the bill be moving to the full Maine Legislature with a work session scheduled for tomorrow.

Costs of the epipen have grown exponentially over the years, now valued at $600 per pen for the brand medication.  The FDA approved of a generic epipen alternative last fall intended to provide a more affordable option for the widely used life saving medication.


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