According to an article in the Press Herald, Biddeford has become Maine's youngest city due in part to affordable and available housing and rental space for business.

The paper reports that the median age of residents in Biddeford is 35 while in the city's downtown district that number drops to 29. Biddeford is home and work to 21,400 residents and more than a quarter of those people are between the ages of 20 and 34. City officials say the younger people are helping to reshape the city's image and identity by opening up new businesses and jobs and creating an energy that the city hasn't seen in years. For the past 7 years Biddo has seen a 22% increase in residents between 20 and 24 and an almost 38% incresase in people 25 to 34 according to Census population reports and estimates the paper reports.

But with growth comes concern. The Press Herald points out that some residents aren't happy with new changes like having to pay to park in municipal lots, and school and city officials are worried about longtime residents and young families getting priced out of the city as rents continue to rise. 3 years ago you could find a rental in Biddeford for $835 a month. Today that same rental has jumped to 1,305 a month.

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