Maine State Police pulled over a driver on a busy stretch of road in Auburn on Saturday for driving more than twice the speed limit.

A 19-year-old man was stopped on a four lane portion of Minot Avenue, an area that many people speed in because it almost feels like a highway. The posted speed limit is 50 mph. That's where Trooper Nathan Jamo spotted an Audi A4 coming in his direction at a high rate of speed which his radar gun read as 109 mph.

In a post on the Maine State Police Facebook page, you can see the radar gun display with the 109 mph reading locked in along with Trooper Jamo's speed when he spotted the speeding Audi that turned out to be driver by Benjamin Gosselin of Auburn.

His speed was criminal, he couldn't provide insurance and he is likely to be additionally charge with driving to endanger. He was travelling at a time of day on Saturday when traffic was particularly heavy and is lucky that he and no one else got hurt. The look on this kid's face pretty much says it all.


Remember kids. Driving is a privilege not a right, and if you screw it up by playing The Fast and the Furious, you're going to find yourself walking to wherever you want to go for a long time.

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