Vote for the watering hole where "everybody knows your name."

In the Bangor area, we all have that one favorite place to head with friends to have an after-work cocktail or the spot where we like to watch Sunday Funday football or the only place we will go to see live and local music. And let's face it, for a town as relatively small as Bangor, there are quite a few choices to do all of these things. In some places, you can do all three.

And let us not forget all of these establishments have killer food. Maybe you can't get enough of Geaghan's legendary wings, the seafood at High Tide, the burgers at Brewster's, or the nachos at Miguel's. The options in the area are endless.

After a long work week, I love to get together with my friends, chill out, have a couple of cold ones and enjoy a Friday or Saturday night in The Queen City. It is always a good time, and I almost always remember it the next day...sometimes.

So what is it that draws you to your favorite local hang? A cool bartender? Great food? Dancing? Watching sports? Enjoying the excellent live music scene in town? Let us know!

Cast your vote for the location that you love the most, and if we forgot any, you can enter that into our poll as well. Vote early and often, and we will announce the winners next week!

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