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To honor World's Teacher's Day on Tuesday, we decided this would be a great chance to acknowledge our best and brightest here in Eastern Maine. So, show your love and vote for your favorite on this list, and when it is all said and done, we will reward Eastern Maine's Best Teacher with a prize!

When we asked for all of you to nominate your choice, we gave you the option to say a few words about why this person deserves to be recognized, and we had some great responses that we would like to share with you.

Johanna Lake
Teacher's school
All Saints catholic school

The teacher is my wife Johanna. She tirelessly thrives to make sure her students not only get the best quality education she can provide but also give that extra care that teachers are often overlooked on. She not only teaches middle school math but takes on other roles in the school while helping our kids with their educational needs as well.


Mr. Burby
Teacher's school
Brewer Community School

He has been making learning fun since his first year. Which was my 7th grade year. Now he makes it for for my children with the same vigor and enthusiasm. He even wrote the booger song!


Mark Savage
Teacher's school
Brewer High School

Brewer Outdoor Education is a very different type of class and really gives you real life skills, Mr. Savage goes above and beyond to make this class what it is. Most kids don't realize what he does for them till after they graduate.


Mrs. Crocker
Teacher's school
Patricia A. Duran school

She is so pleasant. Loves what she does! And has a huge heart!


Nichole Martin
Teacher's school

Ms. Martin is all the things you look for in a teacher. She is kind, caring, and motivates all students. She is a saint!


Mrs. White
Teacher's school
Old Town Elementary School

My daughter absolutely loved her when she was in 4th grade. She was very patient with kids treated them amazing.


Mrs. Mallory Leighton
Teacher's school
Ella P. Burr

I dont think preK teachers get enough credit, I mean who would take on a classroom for a full day of school...filled with 4 year olds?! Mrs. Leighton is who you want to give your child their first experience at school. She is unbelievably kind and patient with her kids. They greet her usually with a hug each morning and are making some great memories because of her. Mrs. Leighton has made sure their transition to school like is safe, comfortable and fun for them! Please consider her for this title!


Ms. Davis
Teacher's school
Old Town High School

She is an English teacher. My son did not like English until he had Ms Davis. She helps with writing and understanding stories. She helps improve your writing by taking time with each student to go over things. During covid she would reach out to make sure everyone was okay. She truly cares.


Mrs. Sarah Collins
Teacher's school
Patricia A. Duran School, Hermon

Mrs. Collins teaches 4th grade. After my son’s 3rd grade year came to an abrupt end in March 2020, we were all excited for a return to the classroom in fall 2021. It turned out to be another very challenging year with hybrid learning and online parent teacher conferences. I had the opportunity to listen to Mrs. Collins teach while my son learned on Zoom. She made learning fun and exciting while also redirecting students in a respectful way if they might be distracting classmates. Science is my child’s least favorite subject, but he enjoyed it because of this amazing educator! She even gave each of the kids a tomato plant at the end of the year and it sparked some interest in gardening in my 10 year old! Mrs. Collins is a class act and deserves recognition for her commitment to educating young minds and her sweet personality while doing so. Thank you!


Lisa Swett
Teacher's school
Central Community Elementary School

Lisa is awesome! She is my son’s kindergarten teacher. She was really awesome when we found out he had ADHD and helped us keep track of how his days were going and ways we could make his day at school better. My sons loves going to school because of her!


Mike Viani
Teacher's school
Central Middle School

Who doesn’t love a teacher that is cool and can kick your butt at almost all track events?? He works with middle school and high school levels and every single person loves him and he deserves it!


Sheena Fraiser
Teacher's school
Jonesboro elementary school

My son was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago, and he was struggling at school. Sheena fraiser his teacher went above and beyond to help him by making sure he had what he needed to better understand the work. She became his one on one to help him coop with work,peers and other obstacles he would in counter at school day to day. Because of her he is now doing great at school and getting A's and B's! My son couldn't have asked for a better teacher/roll model.


Olivia Comstock
Teacher's school
Reeds Brook
My daughter has an intellectual disability in the school and the teacher in particular was willing to help her and give her the time she needs it’s not just one teacher it’s all of my daughters teachers but Olivia is truly amazing

Natalie Davis
Teacher's school
Old Town High School
She is the best! She goes out of her way for her students and she is involved in after school activities too!

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