Is it time to pull the plug on the sale of Russian vodka?

As the war rages on in the Ukraine, many countries are imposing stiff sanctions on Russia, in an attempt to end this conflict. Crude oil, processed petroleum oils, and coal, are three of the biggest exports from Russia, and of course, how could we forget vodka.

These are the Top 10 most popular Russian vodka products:

1. Stoli
2. Russian Standard Original Vodka
3. Stoli Elit
4. Beluga Noble Russian
5. Stoli Vanilla
6. Karkov
7. Zyr
8. Hammer + Sickle
9. Stoli Razberi
10. Stoli Ohranj

Most of us associate Smirnoff with Russia, but the company is now British owned. Not to worry, Tito's Handmade, Grey Goose, Skyy, and many others are made here in the good ol' USA.

All around the country, some bars, restaurants, and liquor stores, are pulling Russian sold vodka products from their shelf, including businesses right here in Maine. The question to be asked, is should it be a state wide ban?

Last week, Governor Janet Mills, asked for stores and restaurants to remove Russian alcohol brands from their shelves. The governor also called on the State Liquor and Lottery Commission to prevent Russian liquor from being distributed in Maine.

Governor Mills can’t do it on her own, however. It lies in the hands of the liquor commission to vote on this issue.

This question has actually has bi-partisan support from former Governor Paul LePage, who will be running against Mills, this November.

What are your thoughts? Vote in our poll!

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