Like it or not, here it comes!

In the last 24 hours, the snow totals have changed from 8-12 in the Bangor area, back to the original projection of 12-18 inches. You can pretty much be certain that you will spend most of Saturday, trapped indoors, then most of Sunday, digging out from this mess. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? We asked you earlier this week, and the results were a little surprising.

POLL: Are You Ready For A Blizzard This Weekend?

Yes! Bring on the snow!

Hell no, we don't want no stupid snow!

Stay warm, stay safe, and stay dry, during this sure to be crazy weekend

Z listeners weighed in on this question too!

Pat Flynn
Add 3. Divide by PIE. Add 2. And there ya go lol

Esther Polvinen Foss
IT is WINTER!! What do you expect?

Pat Ellis
Definitely bummed out!

Kim Damboise
Bring it!!!

Annmarie Tricarico Sutherland
a little of both... bummed because the snowblower broke but my husband thinks he can fix it(if he orders the part it won't be here until the beginning of Feb.) psyched because my daughter decided to come home Friday from school for the weekend and we a…

Melissa Seidell

Robert Gallant
lol we'll get an inch!

Barry Sullivan
I’ll believe it when if happens

John Richards Jr.
Barry Sullivan heading to camp thursday night. Gotta be home sunday in time to go to work at 6pm. Gonna suck if we end up

Kathy Bridgham
Snow is expected in winter, Just don’t want a blizzard.

Brian DuBois
As long as it isnt more rain. Bring it on

Roland Hutchins Jr.
Yup maybe get a dusting don't need or want

Shannon Lee
I'm pumped! My first real winter!

Rachael Larrabee
Bring it!

Michaela Ames
AccuWeather said up to 16”!

Cat Stevens

Chad Byron Shorey
Bring it on let's go!!

Sandia Teri
I’m ready for it I love winter

Jessica Michaud
Bring it on love the snow

Lori Budge
Not psyched or bummed! If you live in Maine it’s happens every winter!

Elaine Gerrish Baker
Bring it on

John Murray
Or could be 2 inches. We’ll find out.

Dusty A. Van Alstyne-Ireland
And it's my birthday

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